Friday, May 21, 2010

Chipotle Wings now at Cala's

Cala's Pizza has become the local favorite for chicken wings, and it's no wonder.

Many pizza places serve little rubbery wings they heat up in their pizza oven. Yuck !

First, Cala's Pizza starts with HUGE, MEATY Premium Chicken Wings. We then deep fry them until they are CRISPY on the outside, yet tender and JUICY on the inside. Cala's uses only a superior blend, ALL VEGETABLE, ZERO TRANS FAT oil.

We then toss these crispy chicken wings in one of our many SIGNATURE WING SAUCES.

We recently introduced our BONELESS WINGS. same great quality and tenderness, just without the bone.

And now it gets even better with our new SWEET & SPICY CHIPOTLE BBQ WINGS. If you enjoy a sweet BBQ sauce with a kick, these bad boys are for you. Available in regular or boneless. We will be offering a special introductory price on these Chipotle BBQ Through the month of June. Be sure to check them out !!


  1. Please update your site. Coupons are expired, some links go to dead ends and the color scheme is not consistent

  2. Old info, what's up with this website. Must be too busy with new store. Just as they maybe too busy to be consistent with food quality control at the original location. Please be more mindful of what is going on in Willowick. Signed longtime patron.