Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day Everybody!

The weather is sure a disappointment this year, but hey, it's still a day off, right?

Since grilling outside may not be possible (or at least unpleasant) this year, order in and have us deliver some good comfort food for the holiday.

We are offering a few real nice deals this Labor Day to help you enjoy your day without breaking the bank.

We will be open until 9pm today, so give us a call anytime @ 944-5544.

Oh, and we have updated our specials, coupons, flyers, and party menu pages, so give them a look before you call.

Happy Labor Day :)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Why our Wings are so good.

Just about every pizza place has Chicken Wings now, and you can't drive a block without passing a winghouse of some sort.

So why should you get your wings from Cala's Pizza, right? Well, let me tell you.

Most food products are available in different grades that indicate its quality and consistency, as well as the wholesomeness of the food itself. We use only Premium Grade Chicken Wings from certified foodservice suppliers.

Chicken Wings are also classified by size. We use only Chicken Wings classified as Jumbo or larger. Although the size of wings may fluctuate slightly throughout the year, we consistently serve the Largest, Meatiest wings around.

Crispy, Crispy, Crispy! That's what almost everyone wants, a wing that is crispy on the outside, yet juicy on the inside.

If your pizza place is reheating your wings in a "pizza" oven, you're probably getting that grey rubbery thing they are calling chicken wings. YUCK! It's called a "PIZZA" oven for a reason.

We quick fry our wings to insure a crispy outside, while leaving them juicy and tender on the inside. You can't get that from a pizza oven. Honest, we have tried!!

It is much more expensive to use fryers to prepare wings. Most pizza places won't pay the high price for all of the equipment needed to install fryers. We have not only invested in all of the equipment needed, we also use only the highest grade All Vegetable, Zero Trans Fat oil to provide the most flavorful, healthiest and most consistent fried product available.

And don't forget the Sauce. We not only use our famous Homemade Signature Sauces, we also make available some National Brands for a complete variety to satisfy even the pickiest of wing eaters.

So don't be fooled by some cheap wing special, only to get some tiny reheated wings that are all bone and no meat. Ask how your wings are prepared before you spend good money on some bad wings.